Integrator Product Page

The V5.9 Integrator is now available. This device contains a high impedance preamplifier and signal integration function, for analyzing electric guitar pickups. It has gone through several stages of prototyping and design improvement. The latest update is an acrylic front panel. It looks really cool in the dark, although you probably won’t be testing pickups in the dark!

As a specialized test instrument, the market for it is relatively small, so a challenge was met to offer a product that is both economical and robustly constructed, and also can be made by an experimenter, following the free and completely open online documentation and design files, found here:

In the spirit of open source, I have made it possible for any customer to choose whether they wish to make their own, or purchase component parts or complete units from me. I offer a variety of kit options, from only the PCB, to a parts kit and assembled PCB, all the way to assembled, tested and calibrated unit.

Also because of the limited market, it is not economical or feasible for me to set up an online store where you can simply shop and check out your purchases. The global distribution of my customers also means that optimum shipping varies considerably depending on which country I’m sending to. Consequently, I operate by communicating with each individual customer via email, to choose the right kit or parts and to choose the best payment and shipping options.

Many people have already purchased and/or built some previous version of the Integrator. Any of those do work perfectly well, but if any previous customer wishes to upgrade to the new product, please contact me with the details of the their unit, for an assessment of upgrade options.

Price List:

  • PCB only: US$8
  • PCB assembled with parts (including IC, switches not soldered): US$45
  • Complete unit in enclosure, assembled and tested, with power supply: US$135
  • Magnetic test coil: US$20